Custom Orders

Looking for a custom item? We do those too! 

If you would like to place a custom order for any of our products, please email OR send a message to our facebook page at

Items available for custom order include but are not limited to any of our clothing line including our Ride Safe Ponchos and Memory Blankets made with your baby’s clothing or items of clothing from a lost loved one. 

Custom rates are set at a base rate of materials (all materials required to create your unique item), plus an hourly rate of $20/hour. For specific quotes for items, please contact us directly. 

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is the minimum requirement for all custom items, or pre-payment as per our regular payment items. 

There are no refunds on custom orders. All custom orders are final sale. 

We look forward to working with you to create your unique custom item!

 Here are a few of our past projects:

Vintage, vintage style, bloomers, tea party, handmade, custom made    Memory blanket, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt, t-shirt blanket, tee quilt, tee shirt quilt, tee blanket, tee shirt blanket  Custom made, Easter dress, sisters, scalloped hem dress, sun hat     Memory quilt, baby clothes quilt, memory blanket

Tea party outfit, vintage, vintage style, bloomers, lace, ruffles, upcycled   Fairy dress, hi low dress, custom made, lace, lavender, lavender field